So far one of my biggest parenting challenge has been trying to maintain a routine. Every year it’s my goal to be more organized and make our life more streamline.  It’s one of the areas I feel like I can never get a handle on. Trying to get 3 kids, who all want to do their own thing, to brush their teeth is like herding cats some days. By the end of the day I’m too tired to care if we stick to the routine which makes the next day that much harder. I have all these grand plans to be this super organized mum but most days if my kids have matching socks we are winning. Another struggle with routine is getting my kids to do their share of tasks. Please tell me that my kids aren’t the only ones who cry and argue when it’s time to put away toys, or brush their hair.



Like with any new change it will take time. The biggest thing I need to remind myself is that this is REAL life. Sometimes you have to fly by the seat of your pants and that is perfectly ok. It’s not worth fighting with my kids over little thing. When we learn to work together the whole household will run more smoothly. This week I’m going to try and make some simple changes to help make the holiday season as stress free as possible.

How to I try and fix it:

  1. Get up early: My goal is to wake up at 545-6am. This the time when I do my meditation, some yoga, or writing. I find when I actually get up early, it gives me more energy for the day. I’m able to easy myself into the morning insanity without getting stressed.
  2. School lunches the night before. Thankfully my husband is the one who makes lunches. It takes 10-15mins but saves so much time.
  3. Make the kids charts for their morning/evening to dos. Hopefully this will help with teeth and hair brushing
  4. Try (key word) and come up with a chore for my husband and I. I hate being constantly overwhelmed by laundry. Something as simple as spending an hour every sunday evening will  help set the week off on a positive note.
  5. Spend 15-20min every evening doing a quick tidy up, nothing adds to my stress more than waking up to a messy house.

I found a few more blogs that offer some great suggestions. Once our family can get back on track with the changes listed above, I’ll start implementing more.

What do you struggle with? Have you found any great ways to make everyday life more simple?

Light & Love

Victoria xoxo



One thought on “Routines

  1. fivebeansoup says:

    I handed over dish washing to my kids when the eldest was 9. It is the ban of my existence (and now probably theirs) which means I am less stressed. My goal is a somewhat tidy kitchen each day and a living room without stuff on the floor. I remind kids to clean their rooms but also keep their doors shut so I don’t have to see the truth. Their bathroom is their responsibility and it is disgusting; I ask them to clean certain parts at a time so never clean but not quite condemnable. That door stays closed too. I do laundry daily but folding often happens weekly. On the whole everyone does pitch in as the kids are all teens now but it is not the show home I imagined before kids.

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